How to inform clients about minimum requirements for an App to work correctly?

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Hello everyone! 

I am working on an App that performs some machine learning and statistical modelling: in particular sales forecast and customers segmentation.

Since to train and deliver successful result machine learning models needs a hefty amount of data how can I inform my customers that "This App requires a minimum amount of XXX transactions for work correctly". I want to provide value to my customers, however, I must inform them that this App is not for everyone, and there are some minimum requirements in order to get the highest value out of it.

It seems to me that on the Shopify App Store there is quite a lack of ML-powered Apps, especially in the sales forecast, dynamic pricing and customer segmentation area. Hence I am trying to fill this gap and give shops the opportunity to leverage on tools which are normally only available for large enterprises who can afford a data science team or a consulting company!

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If you are going to list the app on the shopify app store then you can show this information in the description of you app.

For customers have already installed your app, you can show this information when customer clicks on your app.