How to manage sports club memberships on a website?

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So, im currently working on a shop for a local sports club, and I am having major issues finding an app so solve my membership issues.


Here is what we need.


We have 3 different teams:

  • Monday team
  • Tuesday team
  • Wedensday team

Each team got room for 25 players. We want our members to signup for the team on the website/shop.

In a perfect world, when a person signs up for a team they claim one of the 25 available spots, when all spots are claimed then that membership is "out of stock".


This needs to be a recurring thing, they pay on a per month base.


When a person signs up for a team, we would like to be able to charge them for the remaining part of the current month, and then start a recurring payment from the 1st of the following month. (NOTE: This could also charge for remaining part of current month + next month and then go into monthly payments).


Any suggestions are welcome, i have tried to look at Bold memberships and 5-10 other apps, but so far I have been unable to find anything that can solve this problem for me.

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