How to provide sample chapters for books before purchase?

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We are primarily a bookstore, and would like to offer sample chapters of some of our titles. We have both print and digital books. Digital books are managed with the SendOwl app.


Is there a way to offer customers a preview or sample chapter of a book before they purchase it?

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Maybe linking to a PDF of the sample chapters? Shopify can host those files, and then you can add a link to them in the product description or on a button somewhere on the product page.


To upload a file (instructions from Shopify docs):

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Not a bad idea, except we are using an ERP integration to handle all of our product info, including descriptions. All product data is synced from our ERP to the website with some integration software. So unless the link for the PDF file is sitting in the ERP it won't work... and unfortunately we cannot have URLs in our ERP.


Any other suggestions?

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Yes, as a bookstore, you can definitely offer customers a preview or sample chapter of a book before they purchase it, regardless of whether it is in print or digital format. Providing sample chapters is a great way to give potential buyers a glimpse of the content and entice them to make a purchase. Here's how you can offer sample chapters to your customers:

  1. Print Books: For print books, you can choose specific titles or books that you would like to offer sample chapters for. You can create physical copies of sample chapters and place them in your bookstore for customers to browse through before making a decision. Ensure that the sample chapters are clearly labeled and easily accessible. You can also consider providing a designated reading area in your bookstore where customers can comfortably peruse the sample chapters.

  2. Digital Books: Since you mentioned that you manage digital books with the SendOwl app, you can utilize its features to offer sample chapters to your customers. Here's how:

    a. Select the Book: Choose the specific digital book for which you want to offer a sample chapter.

    b. Create a Preview File: Use SendOwl to create a separate file that contains the sample chapter(s) you want to offer. This can be done by extracting the sample chapter(s) from the complete book or by creating a separate document specifically for the preview.

    c. Set Up a Sample Chapter Product: In SendOwl, create a product listing specifically for the sample chapter(s) of the book. Include a description that clearly states it is a sample chapter and not the full book.

    d. Link the Sample Chapter Product: Associate the sample chapter product with the main book's product listing. This way, when customers view the main book's details, they can also see an option to purchase the sample chapter(s).

    e. Pricing and Access: Decide whether you want to offer the sample chapter(s) for free or charge a nominal fee. Adjust the pricing and access settings accordingly within SendOwl.

    f. Promote the Sample Chapter(s): Market the availability of sample chapter(s) to your customers through your website, email newsletters, social media platforms, and any other relevant marketing channels.

By implementing these steps from tafsiran, you can effectively provide customers with a preview or sample chapter of your books, both in print and digital formats. Offering these samples can enhance the buying experience, allowing customers to make more informed decisions about their purchases.

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