How to satisfy Shopify's app UI requirements for API Only Plugin?

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Hello, I work for an eCommerce company which provides fraud abuse detection for merchants. We're currently in the middle of a POC with a client of ours who happens to be a Shopify based merchant. 

Without going into too much detail, we want to tag certain customers on their store, using the Shopify API.

The tagging process is based on an offline analytical analysis which happens without any interaction from the merchant side.

So in practice, the only functionality the app has is to send customer tagging HTTP/GraphQL requests to Shopify (the analytical engine is placed outside the app itself and interacts with the plugin via HTTP)


After digging around Shopify docs, I came to the understanding that it's best to use a "Custom App", since this app is developed specifically for 1 client (at least at the moment). However, the merchant does not allow custom development on his account, which is mandatory for custom apps installation.


So the next best thing I could think off is a Public app with Private listing, so we could send the merchant an installation link, ask for customer_write permissions, receive his permanent access_token and that's it. No more interaction needed on the merchant's side.


However, after submitting the app (which by the way was developed using the latest SDK and IMO is not mature enough for production usage, but that's a different subject) to Shopify's review, we received the following rejection:


Your app doesn't have a functional user interface (UI). All apps in the Shopify App Store must be operational through a UI regardless of how the app is launched...

I created a UI with some text explaining the solution, but it doesn't have any actual interactivity, which is by-design (since we don't want the merchant to do anything). I can't actually reach out the reviewers to try and understand what they're looking or what I'm missing, so I'll try using this channel-


My question is, what should I do ? Is a public app not the way to go ? Do I need to develop a "dummy" button on the UI which serves no actual value for the merchant, but satisfies the review ? Is there a different kind of Shopify integration that I could use instead of public distribution ?


Would greatly appreciate your help, Shopify experts.


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Hello @DorWeid,


I would proceed with a dummy button or the setting to make it possible to disable app in the settings. This should work fine.


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