How to set dynamic pricing and deck building features in my Yo-Gi-Oh! card Shopify store?

How to set dynamic pricing and deck building features in my Yo-Gi-Oh! card Shopify store?

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Hello, everyone. I'm a beginer in Shopify, I'm building an online store, selling Yo-Gi-Oh! card.

.  looking the store has the following feature:
1. The price of the commodity will change with the reference price, and a chart can be generated to show the past price trend, such as the price trend of the past 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month...etc

2. The store has a function of building deck. Buyers can put their cards into this function, and this function can feedback whether the customer's cards meet the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh.


any subject shopify app fulfill above condition??

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Hello Marc. Thank you for your reply. Have you customized a website? Do you have any further information?