How to set varying fulfillment times for different products?

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Hi all,


I'm nearly a month into my new Shopify store and I'm loving it so far (moved from opencart), lots of sales and I'm loving the ease of it all


One thing I would really like to sort out would be my fulfillment times. I made products to order and while most are 2-4 weeks turnaround, I have a few products which take 6 weeks. 


I want and need to be upfront about the turnaround times, so I currently have my fulfillment time set to 6 weeks, so it doesn't show up incorrect at checkout for the longer turnaround items. But this means it shows as 6 weeks for that items that would be ready sooner. I have added a note to my cart that explains this and asks people to refer to the times stated in the descriptions, but I would really like it to work properly.


Is there an app that will allow me to set fulfillment times by product or even collections? That I could set to show the longest turnaround time if someone orders a mix of items. If not someone really needs to make this 🙏🙏

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You can use 3rd party apps such as "Delivery Timer: Order Timeline (", "Estimated Delivery Date ‑ ETA (" etc. to set separate delivery times for different collections, products & range.

I hope I am able to answer your queries, happy to help in case you have any other issue.


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You could set the range in the cart description, and then say "Check your order confirmation email for an exact estimate)". You can edit that description in Theme Language settings.


Then in the order confirmation email, use variables to indicate the messaging, for example:


{% if product.tags contains "1 week shiptime" %}
<p>This product will be shipped in 1 week.</p>
{% elsif product tags contains "2 week shiptime" %}
<p>This product will be shipped in 2 weeks.</p>
{% else %}
<p>Some blanket statement</p>
{% endif %}
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