How to track inventory for products with multiple variants?

How to track inventory for products with multiple variants?

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Hi Shopify Fam!


I'm trying to make a product with 4 variants (would end up only taking up about 72 total variants).

I can't find anything that will keep track of inventory. I don't even need customization, just another product option.


For example it's for a shirt and these are our variant options:
-Fit, (Slim vs Regular)
-Size, (SM-3XL)
-Color, (self explanatory)
-Sleeve length (Long or Short)


I know I can (and currently do) separate the product into multiples, but that's not the point right now. 


Thanks a million!

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Can you flesh out a little further what you mean by keeping track of inventory in this case?

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Hi @toughapparel,

For your 4th option, the Easify Product Options app is your go-to solution. Since Shopify has a limit of 3 options, using a third-party app is necessary for adding that extra one.

To provide you with the best guidance on setup, could you clarify how you'd like to handle inventory? Do all 4 options impact inventory and price, or is there one among them that doesn't affect inventory and price? Let me know, and I'll suggest the most suitable way to configure it with the app 🤗.

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