Improvement Search Functionality For The Product Search

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We are trying to improve search functionality for the product search. as we can only pass the param the product title, to the search for a product.
In the below API we need to pass the exact product name otherwise it will not return the result.
But what we want to implement that if the product name is "Custom Product " and we passed the param as only "Custom" then all products should search which has "Custom" included in the product title.
Anybody can help up?
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We are happy to recommend that you try out our apps on Shopify: Simile.

In particular: Simile Visual Search & Filters app.

By using this app your store will be able to provide customers with the ability to search via images, 

as well as have instant search that also integrates the visual aspect by providing images and filters to help sort through your catalogue easier!


If this solutions does not 100% satisfy your needs, be sure to reach out to our devs and they would be happy to customize one for you.


Hope this helps! 

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Hey, You can add this with Searchly (

Here are the steps to do this:

1. Once you've installed the app, go to "Filters" and click on the button "Add New Filter". 

2. Under the "Create Filter Using" dropdown, pick "Product tag prefix"

3. The next field lets you add specific tags you want to show within the filter. You can add the term "Custom" so that only products with that prefix within their title will be shown when the filter is used.


Hope it helps! Please reach out to the app developers with this query and they would even set it up for you.