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Interview: in search of new apps ideas

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Hi all,
I am here to find the most courageous and innovative ecommerce business owners, managers and website administrators. I work as a product manager for SumatoCommerce, we make apps for Shopify platform. Right now my team and I are making a research among ecommerce enthusiasts about the challenges you face in your work. These insights will be very helpful for us to create useful apps which bring true value to ecommerce.
We’ve just started and we really want to make effective products. So, I need your help to help you in future 🙂
I will appreciate just a small skype interview with you - only 20 minutes - talking about your goals, processes and needs, maybe some challenges or ideas you have and you wish someone to implement them for you.
Please, contact me, my email address is
Best regards, Lera Shchukina

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I am facing the same challenge now. Contact me on Skype and maybe we can share some insights! user: abramson.uri

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Oh, I wish I could join this interview! I have worked for an IT company for 3 years, but I got fired during the pandemics and I'm so mad now. If you wanna know about decision making in such companies, well, I can tell you my story. Instead of finding new creative ways to make their business succeed even during such a hard time they've decided to fire almost 1/3 of their employees to save some cash out of their salaries! And that's just stupid and ineffective! Luckily I found new career options as a web developer and I'm sending my CV right now to a few companies. I even checked some articles on how to pass the interview, so if you want to change something in your career, go now and just do it!