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Hi, we are a small online jewelry brand that hand-makes all jewelry in house. We are searching for an app where we can manage all our raw materials inventory in a more efficient way, and of course to be connected with Shopify. We are doing a research, and the only option we have for the moment is Katana, but we would like to have more options and compare. Do you know any good app for raw materials inventory? Thanks in advanced! 🙂 Vicky

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Hi @Benita_Ernst ,

The problem that our app "Konigle" can solve for you is we provide a platform for syncing and managing all the inventory efficiently .We are currently working with multiple small businesses/ manufacturers who sell both online and offline -on shopify and otherwise as well.

I think we will be a good fit for your requirement. We will be more than happy to give you a demo of our app.

Link to our App: On Shopify App store is as below:-

Apart from the inventory management our app also provides various other functionalities which can help you streamlining your operations.The access to the app helps you do a lot more, with

  • payment tracking alerts
  • inventory control alerts
  • collaboration over an order and order management
  • shipment management
  • abandoned cart alerts 
  • Analytics

We also offer a free trial along with (24*7) support over email/chat/phone to help you set up.Do let me know your thoughts on taking this discussion ahead..(my coordinates-in signature)


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Hey Vicky

Katana looks pretty awesome and the fact they integrate with Shopify solves integration issues. 

How do you currently manage your inventory and break down your orders into what is required to be ordered or already in stock? Depending on the complexity you could potentially get by generating reports comparing new orders and the inventory you need to make them. Obviously each product would have to be set up as a bundle so you can determine what you need.




Bundleup - bundle your products and unbundle your orders.
Channelup is a product data management solution helping Shopify stores automate their processes.
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MRPeasy has many clients from the jewelry industry as it allows jewelers to have full control over their inventory and production while making both customer and supplier relationships easily manageable.

Whether you create intricate designs with many tiny components or use simple forms and motifs, the BOM functionality allows you to manage the components of your products. Matrix BOM also provides you with the capability to create product families that comprise items with variations in specific parameters like stone or metal used.

It has modules for CRM, production planning and scheduling, inventory management, procurement, work reporting, and finances - and it integrates seamlessly with Shopify.


Hope that helps!

Madis from MRPeasy