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Inventory Tracking app allowing scanning for fulfillment

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Good Morning All,

My company is an industrial parts supplier that sources and sells obsolete/older parts. We operate exclusively on-line (no POS system) and have our own warehouse we store and ship from. We are looking to improve our inventory tracking abilities and are trying to find an app that does the following:

1. Allows for scanning inventory as it comes in and goes out the same day.

2. Allows us to scan products as we fulfill orders to ensure correct fulfillment.

3. Allows for scanning product when conducting an inventory to ensure on file inventory matches physical inventory.

4. Can provide various inventory reports to allow us to forecast needs/average turnover time/best selling parts. 


There is such a wide variety of apps available and I am finding it hard to narrow down some options to present to my boss. 

Any help is appreciated. 

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It depends on what type of hardware you want to be using. We developed a companion app to our product management solution whereby you can use any iOS or Android device and do inventory stocktakes, load Shopify orders and pick against them, load products and update/check stock. We make changes for our clients too so you can request different features as necessary.

The other part is how you manage your purchase orders as they are important in receiving and adding to inventory levels. We developed our own system for some Shopify clients through our web app so this compliments the mobile app scanning. Socket mobile support is the hardware scanners we will be adding soon but our goal is to reduce the entry setup costs by being able to use any phone without additional hardware. If you are interested in testing it out just send an email to and we can help you get setup to see if it suits your needs.



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Hi, Jason!

MRPeasy is a manufacturing and inventory management software that offers great barcoding functionality in addition to an array of different functionalities for SME distributors. Here's a video description of how to use the barcode system: 

Hope this helps!

Madis from MRPeasy

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Hi @JasonAPhillips 

I think our App EasyScan will be perfect for you!

It is great for updating inventory, checking inventory and fulfilling orders all using a barcode scanner.

Plus you can even create orders directly within the app just by scanning the product barcodes, no more time spelling the product name correctly!

If you and your boss would like a demo please reach out to me -  

Thanks and have a great day!


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@JasonAPhillips did you end up finding a suitable solution?

From what I've seen here in this thread, and what I know of on the app store, you should take a look at which can run on any mobile device, uses the phone's camera for barcode scanning (faster and more accurate), and has a suite of tools for exactly what you are describing. Some of the benefits over other providers go as follow:

  1. Save money since you can use any mobile device - iOS/Android or in the browser 
  2. Visual warehouse layout to save time finding and locating product around the warehouse during put-away, picking, and cycle counts
  3. Fulfill order 2-3X faster with batch picking, packing, and shipping operations 
  4. Mobile printing of product barcodes, bin labels, and shipping labels makes it possible to print across a wide array of devices anywhere you are
  5. First of its kind visual Shopify warehouse management system that links directly with you Shopify store and shipping providers 
  6. Automated lead time calculation helps you never run out of product and save time creating new purchase orders

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