Inventory Tracking by Volume

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I have a business where I sell oils and vinegars in bottles that are filled to order, let's just say small, medium, and large.  I order the product in bulk containers and fill the bottles to order.

I'm looking for a way to track my inventory.  My problem is that 1 bulk container from the vendor will fill 13 large bottles OR 26 medium bottles OR 46 small bottles OR any combination of those, depending on how customers order them.

I'd like to be able to manage how many bulk containers I have in stock, but let the store stay up to date on how many of each bottle size I can sell based on my inventory.  Right now I just do some math and when I have 1 bulk container, I just add X small bottles, Y medium and Z large to my inventory, and when one gets low, I "borrow" from another size to replenish that size.  That is, until I get a new bullk container and add more of each size. It's a headache to manage.

I haven't found an app yet that can handle this for me.  Any thoughts?

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Hi @olivebasket 

If you are comfortable in Excel you can use Mixtable's Excel-like spreadsheet interface to directly update your Shopify product inventory in bulk. You can have all your variants and their inventory in a worksheet that syncs to Shopify, and use a separate worksheet to track the amount of bulk inventory you have. You can then use the familiar VLOOKUP/INDEX+MATCH formulas to update the variants inventory based on their volume.

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Thanks @natashadisante!

I am comfortable in excel, but that still sounds like a nightmare!  I kindof gave up on this and decided that I'd just track my bulk inventory. (product & bottles) in a spreadsheet and not worry about bottle level inventory in Shopify.  I just order more when my stock (not on the floor) gets to a certain point.

Thanks for the response though!


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Hey Eric

Sounds like you just need a couple of batch jobs running that calculate what can be produced from your bulk. In turn when orders come in all your availability gets recalculated for all Shopify products.

We operate a product data management platform so all we would need to do in your scenario is a small calculator based on your formula. We already have all the Shopify integrations.

If you are still interested in pursuing an automation send me an email to



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