Is Minta charging unauthorized fees a common issue?

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Minta billed me for 400 bucks when I never purchased or authorized anything from them.  I refused to pay for this fraudulent illegal practice, and Shopify froze my store for not paying these crooks that I never purchased or authorized anything from, after making sure they got their monthly cut first!  Take my monthly fee, then freeze my 3 year old shop. I mean, seriously?? This freeze has no doubt caused us to lose our credibility. Now when people go to my store, it says it isn't available right now.  I contacted customer service and they said they won't do a damn thing for me and actually allow this to happen!  How can you condone scamming and then freeze someone for not paying them? This is  extortion. There are complaints from others experiencing similar issues all over the web.  I can't believe they refuse to do anything about this and are continuing to punish me and extort me while allowing such an illegal scam to still operate on their platform.  Unbelievable. 

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