Is there a business opportunity for an app that sends digital collectibles to customers?

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An app that automatically sends digital collectibles to customers' email addresses after they make a purchase. 

  • No need to buy crypto or create a wallet
  • No BS
  • Claimable under 30 secs with a click of a button in the email.
  • Apple & Google login is integrated into an account
  • they can withdraw collectibles anytime into their own wallet & sell them for a profit.

In my experience, ecom stores waste money on promotional email newsletters, I’m not even opening them. It’s an overused solution.


The industry ruined it and I can’t think of any solution how to stand out and boost customer loyalty. I think sooner a later there has to be some kind of solution to connect with customers in a different way, and not just copy what everyone else is doing.


Pricing is based on how many digital collectibles you issue. Starting price is around $20-25.


Example: Starbucks members can earn collectibles called 'journey stamps' by completing challenges. Rewards include classes, merchandise, collaborations, and event invites. Their goal here is to increase loyalty, brand-awareness and make $$$ from secondary sale royalties.

I’m seeing big brands do it, but smaller stores are lacking behind because how complicated the whole process is.

Is there a good business opportunity for this app?

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Posting threads like this isn't a great way to validate your idea, mostly because merchants usually ignore these threads.


Your best bet is to find people in the forums who have the problem your app solves.

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Can you recommend forums I can reach out to these owners?