Is there an app for group gifting of high-priced items?

Is there an app for group gifting of high-priced items?

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Is there an app that enables group gifting for high AOV products? This is a common functionality with baby and/or wedding registries — an expensive gift can be split between multiple parties.


I'm searching for a solution for a client with products in the $1k - $2k range. We want to position their products as holiday gifting options with the ability for multiple people to all chip in and purchase the item (i.e. a group of siblings buying the product as a present for their mom or dad). Is there a way to do this with a Shopify app?

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Shopify doesn't have native behaviors that facilitate this type of business model.

For stuff like this everything is a workaround and can be klunky unless real effort is put in if even streamlineable at all for an off-the-shelf app. 

And things like choice of payment-gateway may be a large factor.


If you use a public app test and document rigorously so you fully understand what the app is doing.


Keyphrases: group buy , split billing, split pay , crowd funding, crowd sourcing.

also split-orders (a bit different though)


Some apps for group buying


If your just trying to stitch together an advanced custom process where under the hood it's just multiple orders put towards a single order there's scriptable automation apps like mechanic to build custom data processes 

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