Is Yotpo now offering an automatic recurring subscription option?

Is Yotpo now offering an automatic recurring subscription option?

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Currently we run Bold Loyalty and their Recurring Membership apps for our rewards program. Three free tiers and a paid tier. The paid tier has the option of monthly automatic payment or yearly automatic payment. 


A year or two ago we got tired of crappy service from Bold and wanted to switch, and Yotpo was recommended. Their loyalty app was good at the time, certainly more data and reporting. However, their solution to membership was to create a product called Membership in our store and have customers buy it each month. 


Yeah, that was a nasty surprise after being assured they had an automatic recurring membership option! So we ditched the transition and stuck it out with Bold. We just had a huge outage on both Bold apps with zero concern on their part, so now we're looking to switch again. 


I've reached out to Yotpo for another demonstration because they swear they now offer a real automatic recurring subscription option for customers. For those of you who use the app, is that true? I'm looking for something where customers sign up, enter their CC info, and then they get automatically billed every month or every year. 

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Hey U23B,


I don't personally have any experience using Yopto, but I still wanted to chime in with a few recommendations, since no one has replied on here yet. It sounds like you'd be better suited to an app that's specifically for "Memberships" rather than just "Subscriptions". 


See here: 


These are some good ones: 


Appstle - 

Conjured Memberships - 


Picking which app that'll work best for your business will probably come down to how you need the "rewards program" to work. If it's a points-based system you're wanting, then it might be easier to handle these 2 things separately. Like use a 'memberships' app for the monthly renewals/auto-payments, and then something like Smile IO ( for the rewards side of things. 


Hope the above helps! 🙂




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