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Launching Apps in Beta: Can we start with being an unlisted app and then become listed on Shopify?

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We have a bunch of Shopify stores who want to use our product and we want to launch in beta with them to refine the product. We would like to launch an unlisted app -> Refine product with store owners and then launch it publicly. Is it possible to do that?

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Would also love an answer to this.

I also have a follow up question — if unlisted apps are suitable for beta testing, what is the best option:

1. Launch 2 separate apps — one unlisted (purely for beta testing), and one publicly listed app (when ready for launch). Or,

2. Launch 1 app only — with an initial status of unlisted, then update its status to listed once ready for launch.

My concern with option #2 is that this may affect launch exposure. I.e. will the app still appear under "new and noteworthy", and will it still be able to get featured?