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Looking for a app which informs me when new customers have registered

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I want to keep closer track to fake accounts, or people who make an account to sell me their own stuff.

Any apps you would reccomend?

I do not use slack, I rather have an app for the shop + iphone.


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Hi @Anonymous!

Our Customer Fields app includes an email notification feature so you can be informed each time a new customer registers for an account on your store. The app's form builder also allows you to add a recaptcha, which can be used to prevent fake/spam accounts from being created. Here are some help articles with more details:

Hopefully this helps! 

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I forgot to mention that my shop is in the EU, and some of it what the app does is illegal...

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some of it what the app does is illegal...

How so @Anonymous?

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A custom app would be simple enough, Shopify API has a callback which can be triggered on a new customer account. You could then trigger an email or a SMS

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You could try Shop Protector app also? 

There are 2 products, broken up by plan type, for SP (Shop Protector). SP Basic focuses on form spam and fake account creation. 

SP+ has this functionality too but adds the ability to configure rules to protect against bot-based checkouts, customize risk analysis settings, how to handle auto-cancellation, bulk cancellations, and much more coming soon!