Looking for a CRM/SRM program within Shopify, any recommendations?

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Hello! My company is looking for a CRM/SRM program or app to use within Shopify to manage customers per sales rep, add multiple contacts to a single account, etc. We currently use Salesforce, but are trying to bring it all within Shopify. Just thought I would ask, as I am not able to find one or a few apps that do this in combination. 

Thanks so much!

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Hi @SmokezillaShop 


We have quite a few stores using Mixtable as a spreadsheet CRM for Shopify. You have all the flexibility and features of an Excel spreadsheet, with a seamless sync to and from Shopify. 

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Hey @SmokezillaShop - just wondering what you ended up going with? We are also looking for something - but wanted to get more recommendations. Looking for a better way to track deals, and assigning them to team. Would appreciate if you can share how you solved this? 


Thank you!