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looking for a customizing app with the ability to export to CSV

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Hi everyone,

I'm starting my store very soon, and I have a product with 4 different variants. the product and each variant need to be customized by the customer' adding the info he wants to be printed. the thing is, i NEED the info to be exported along with the order summary. i tried several customization apps but they don't allow exporting the information.

I found one app called Customer Attribute by Secomapp that allow's adding attributes that are indeed exported, but they are for the entire cart, and not a specific product.




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@Gadi.. I can develop an app for your requirements. Drop a mail at hymnz(at)outlook(dot)com to discuss further.

My speciality lies in making Shopify work for your requirements, not the other way round. HMU on email: or on skype: hymnzzy

If you like my work, consider supporting me 🙂
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Hi Gadi,

Depending on how those custom attributes are stored, I'm pretty sure that Better Reports would be able to export all of those.

Feel free to reach out at so that we can set up a custom report for you.


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Hi Gadi,

I'm Rosie from Secomapp team. I'm so sad that It took me 2 months to find your post. 

Currently, the Customer Attribute  app allows adding attributes that are indeed exported, for both the entire cart, and a specific product. We upgraded the app more than a month ago.

If you are still inrested, please install the app. We'd be happy to support you and your business.

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Hi Gadi,
If you are selling customizable products with custom printing option, you can try Inkybay - Product Customizer, this app allows you make customizable products (as you need) and after customer place order you will get complete print ready vector file along with textual details for all design elements like added text, clipart, uploaded files including all required options for related objects. 

Jahangir Alam Co-founder, Inkybay Product Customizer
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Hi Gadi,

I'm John from Data Export. Data Export can export the order and the summary of the order with the data you capture from the cart, tag or customer. We also can fetch the data from the Customer attribute app.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me at


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Hi @gberis,

I'm from Report Pundit, a custom reporting and analytics app.

Report Pundit can fetch the summary of order information along with the custom information gathered during checkout. 

The line item properties field captures the custom data added by customers. This report has been used by many merchants.

You can also filter specific products or tags and export the data into the file, and schedule the report to be delivered to email & google drive.

Please contact us at or our live chst support for help in creating reports.


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