Looking for a subscription app with a delivery date selector?

Looking for a subscription app with a delivery date selector?

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Does anyone know of a Subscription app that allows customers to choose the day of the month for their orders to be delivered?


Or failing that, does anyone know of a subscription app that works hand in hand with Giftship or a different app that offers delivery date selection?


I have a client who would like to offer a monthly cake box subscription, where the customer can choose which day of the month their cakes are delivered. Would also need the option to block out certain days as delivery can only be Tues-Sat. So ideally something it would offer something like 'Last Friday of every month' or 'Second Tuesday of every month'. Otherwise, could be just a date, and when it falls on a Sun/Mon, we can just advise customers it will arrive the day before/after if needed.


Struggling to find a solution, but we don't have the budget for any major customisation.

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Hi @DDDigitalMS ,

This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder App. 

Unfortunately, there's no single Shopify app that currently offers all the functionalities you need. However, you can achieve your desired outcome by combining one subscription app with either a delivery scheduling app or a custom solution. Here are some options for you:


Subscription Apps:

  • Appstle℠ Subscriptions App: This app lets customers choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscriptions, but not specific dates.
  • Bold Subscriptions: This app provides advanced features like product bundling and subscription upsells, but date selection capabilities are limited.

Delivery Scheduling Apps:

  • Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy: This app allows customers to choose their preferred delivery date and time on the cart page. You can configure available days (e.g., Tues-Sat) and set blackout dates.
  • Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup: Similar to Delivery Date & Store Pickup, this app offers delivery date and time selection features with scheduling control.
  • Zapiet ‑ Pickup + Delivery: This app connects Shopify with various third-party tools, including delivery scheduling services. You could potentially use it to integrate a separate date selection system.

Hope this helps!

Kate - PageFly Team

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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Hi there,


Veno from Zapiet here. 


Through our Zapiet Pickup + Delivery app, customers can access and interact with a widget featured on your store's cart page. With this widget, you can easily enable store pickup, delivery, or shipping services - or any combination of those three. Depending on your Zapiet plan, you can access a suite of features, including date and time pickers, blackout dates, order limits, product date restrictions, and product preparation time. Using the app, you can also manage orders, send special notifications to customers regarding pickup and delivery times and dates, and customize the widget to match the style of your store. Additionally, you can integrate the app with other services such as subscription, productivity, and last-mile delivery apps. 


We are currently partially compatible with the following subscription apps:

I suggest checking out our demo store at https://zapietdemo.myshopify.com/, as it will give you a glimpse of how the app looks and functions from a customer's perspective. Also, you can take a look at our App compatibility guide to view all the apps we are currently compatible with.

You can try out our Zapiet Pickup + Delivery app for free by taking advantage of our 14-day free trial. Just follow the Shopify app store link and start setting up the app with your store: https://apps.shopify.com/click-and-collect.

If you need more information or help with configuring the app, feel free to contact our support. We offer support via chat, email, and live calls.


Have a lovely rest of the day!

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Hey there,


We are currently using Zapiet + Appstle Subscriptions to do this.

Both apps work, but certainly, Appslte still has some things to fix, for example, the auto population of the delivery date does not considers the new delivery date, it takes the original date and just inserts it in the new order, which means that you wont have the rule of Original delivery date +1 month.

This will cause that you still have to manually modify the delivery date, which is not cool at all.

We're also looking for a solution to auto populate the new date. By now, the things that you mentioned should be covered with Zapiet and Appstle, just consider that the new date won't be auto populated. You can block specific week days and also specific year dates, like holidays or so.


Hope this helps!

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Hey @DDDigitalMS  @arturotrevino 

We solved this for one of our merchants with a combination of "Recurpay subscription app" and  "Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup". They do allow to pass delivery date from the cart. How it works for us is, we pass a delivery date in cart additional details which is being passed to orders since the first order is placed instantly the fulfillment team picks up the order based on the delivery date received on the order, we use Shopify flow to automatically tag the order as well for the respective delivery date.

The best part is the next renewal date for the subscription automatically gets updated based on the delivery date selected by the customer. Let's say even if we order today and I have selected the delivery date as 25th of this month the next order date of the customer gets updated to 25th Feb so there is no manual intervention required. 


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So basically, the app is not auto-updating the delivery date, you're doing it with shopify flow. For what I understand, you use recurpay to manage the subscriptions, stellar to manage the first delivery date, and shopify flow to auto update the delivery date for the new automated orders, right?

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Hey @DDDigitalMS , not sure if applicable but our app Flare (https://apps.shopify.com/flare) is a more flexible alternative to subscriptions - and gives shoppers another purchase option on the PDP to "Order for Later". Brands can customise the calendar to push sales for specific time periods with time based rewards - Our tech also manages the holding of the order until the due date - It's 100% free 🙂


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As someone else has mentioned, this can be achieved in combination with a subscription app and the delivery date pickup app.


And another option to achieve something similar would be to set up custom selling plans (subscription options) with specific renewal dates set in each of those. So for example, you create the following subscription options:

- weekly subscription, renews on Mondays,

- weekly subscription, renews on Tuesdays,

- weekly subscription, renews on Wednesdays,



This way, your customer can simply select the subscription option with pre configured day of the week/month when they want to renew the subscription.

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