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Looking for an app solution that can apply a discount based on customer shipping address?

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Product Add-on needs to be provided FREE-of-charge to end users in California. But sold at the regular price to all customers located in all other states across the country.


We have a product that has additional add-on options available to include on the actual product page before the add to cart button. One of the add-ons is for an after purchase service where we send someone out to a customers physical location to help them pickup and remove an old product (very heavy and large) for recycling (old product requires proper recycling) after they purchase a new replacement product.

The problem is, we need to offer this service for FREE to all end users with a shipping address in California in order to comply with a new 2021 recycling law. For everyone else located outside of the state of California we will still charge for this add-on service.

Solution Ideas:

I though about using a "dynamic content geo-location app" but that solution isn't always 100% accurate at the state level. The only other solution I can think of is to put a disclaimer next to the "remove/recycle old product" add-on that states "This service is free for customers in California. Discount will be applied at checkout." Then when the customer checkouts out and enters their shipping address, there is a trigger for the state of California that pops-up and says "You qualify for a discount etc." and there is a button to "Apply Discount" which then updates the product to FREE and total cost is refreshed.

Doesn't have to be a pop-up. It could just expand a notice box above/below the shipping details stating that discount has been auto applied and the cart/total is updated automatically. 

Perhaps there is an alternative solution for this but we don't want to do a state dropdown on the product page and the only other place is the shipping address located on the checkout page.

Looking for any help, ideas or solutions for achieving this. Also open to speaking with a Shopify developer to create a custom app.

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Hey @krashdb,

You may be able to accomplish this using Intuitive Shipping by creating a rule that applies at checkout only for California end users who add this option in the cart. It depends on how the product addon gets defined and whether it is an identifier we can use to create the trigger. 

This wouldn't appear with a popup like you described. It would appear at checkout similar to how 'White Glove' delivery options appear - they are typically created as a note underneath the shipping method name, and you can define what the note says. I created an example in my test store to show you what it would appear as (please ignore that CAD shipping address lol - it's juts an example):


Example Shipping Display.jpg


I encourage you to book a demo with our team or reach out directly to to learn more. You define all of your shipping costs with greater detail and set customer expectations by doing the custom descriptions (this is great for offering expedited options at the live rate cost).


Warm regards,

Co-Founder / CEO @ Intuitive Shipping Inc.
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@milan_appify Thanks for throwing this option my way. I will definitely check it out and see if this meets our needs. Thanks!

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@Sharon-Reeds I booked a demo for tomorrow so we can go into this in more detail. Thanks for taking the time to provide a possible solution in detail.