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Looking for cheap and simple SMS marketing tool

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Hi guys! I'm looking for a cheap and simple SMS marketing tool for beginner. Any recommendation? Thank you so much!

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Hi @jackiew

Since you're looking for a SMS Marketing tool, I would recommend Messent app as a good choice. 

This app allows you to do all things such as: composing your messages in the app, arranging the cotact lists, setting up the schedules for the messages based on the customers attribut, etc 

Especially, Messent is providing 90 days free for Premium plan to give the best support for customers in this busy Holiday Season 

For more information, you can check our guidline article: Messent: Your truly wizard for SMS marketing  

Wish you all the best on BFCM and this Holiday Season! 

Best regards, 

FireApps Team 

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Hey! TxtCart is free to use and gives you advanced features like cart recovery. The dashboard is also easy to use so there's no learning curve. You can start sending SMS campaigns right away!