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Hi Guys,

We have a site that sells machinery and some of the machinery needs other products to make it work. I am looking for an APP that will allow us to clearly and obviously put the accessory products (which can be sold on there own and have unique SKUs) on the page to make it clear to the buyer they need to select one of the accessories.

The accessory products need to have name, image and price clearly visible.

Any suggestions for best APPs greatly appreciated.

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If you need to set these options as required then do a search for bundle apps on the Shopify app store. The way they work is you create a specific bundle page and your theme is tweaked to support it. When the buyer purchase of this page all the orderlines are shown in checkout.

We have a different solution in that you build a bundle from existing SKU's and it's preset so user cannot change it. You can add variations to it for different options. After the order is placed we then change the orderlines and split it to the components of the bundle.



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