Looking for this cross sell app

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hello, i`m running a new watch shop i`m looking for a way to add extra straps for the watches 

i want the customer to check the strap and if they add to cart they add both the watch and the strap something like this.

app must be free i dont have a money to put ^_^ 


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Hey @JKSHOP943,

This is exactly what the PickyStory app does. You can quickly bundle your products and sell them with a single click. It's fully customizable and works with any theme. Here's an example:


Hope this helps!


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Hey @JKSHOP943,

There is a bundle app called Deliix Bundles & Discounts that can help you.

You can view the image below. Essentially, the bundle will contain a main product that must be bought, and customers can select whichever pairing that goes with it. In this case, the main product is the watch and the pairings are the straps.

They cannot untick the watch, and they need to tick at least one strap in order to receive a discount (that is if you want to provide one). 


Screenshot (101).png

Unfortunately, these apps affect sales directly so they don't ever come free. But Deliix Bundles & Discounts is definitely amongst the cheapest, at only $4.99 so I'll suggest you give at a shot!


Hope this helped. Have a nice day @JKSHOP943!

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You basically need an app to cross-sell the product to the cart. I'd recommend OneSell Apps, this app is complete because you can cross-sell it not only at cart but also at check out. With Real-Time Analytics and customize pop-up.

Also, Onesell app offers a Free plan. But if you want to upgrade to get unlimited impressions and unlimited offers we have a premium plan also.

Please check it out!

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