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I am looking for a recommendation for a Loyalty Program that you know if good and you have had experience with. I have VERY small transactions per month. My store is kind of new so I am NOT looking for an APP that is expensive, better if it has a FREE plan that works 🙂



Recommendations for a REVIEW APP with Pictures...

Recommendations for an app that save my store from time to time.


Thank you so much!

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Shopify Staff
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Hi, @Oma!


Julie here from Shopify Support.


It's great to hear that you're considering a customer loyalty program. This is a great way to boost customer retention and build a community around your brand. There are quite a few loyalty apps in our App Store, but I'd be happy to recommend a few popular options that appear to have free plans. 


  • Smile: Rewards & Loyalty: This app is one of our most highly-rated loyalty apps, offering you the ability to create a loyalty program, VIP program, and a referral program. It also integrations with other apps like Klaviyo, Privy, and more. 
  • Loyalty, Rewards, and Referrals: This is another popular option and also offers templates for themed campaigns, along with the ability to integrate with multi-language apps like Langify and Weglot.
  • Loyalty & Rewards Program: Yet another great app, this one allows you to award points to customers for things like purchases, signups, referrals, reviews, social follows, and even birthdays. It also allows you to award customers with free products, early access to VIP sales, and free shipping.

As you create your loyalty program, I highly recommend checking out this blog post from Oberlo, "Customer Loyalty Programs: How Brands Grow by Giving". It offers some great ideas on how you can create a solid plan for your program and also offers a few examples for inspiration. For even more examples, we also have a blog post titled "10 Examples of Innovative Customer Loyalty Programs". This is another great resource with a ton of tips. 


As for a review app, there are also a few popular ones in our App Store I'd be happy to share with you. All of these apps have great reviews and excellent support. 


  • Yotpo: Product & Photo Reviews: Quite a few merchants use this app for its user-friendly interface and easy installation process. It also allows you to automatically email customers review requests and allows you to showcase your reviews on social media. Another great feature is that it adds a Q&A section to your product pages, pretty similar to Amazon. 
  • Rivyo Product Review: This app also includes a Q&A feature, as well as the ability to easily import reviews from AliExpress if you're dropshipping. It's also highly customizable, giving you the ability to customize how the reviews appear on your website and personalize the email templates that customers receive post-purchase requesting a review. It looks like this app also offers a free plan. 
  • Loox - Photo Reviews: While this one doesn't appear to have a free plan, it is our most highly rated reviews app and has nearly 3,000 reviews and 4.9 stars. This app allows you to not only add a section for reviews on your product pages but also allows you to integrate them into a pop-up and allows you to offer customers discounts for submitting reviews. It does have a free 14-day trial, so it might be worth checking it out. If you do download it and decide not to use it, just make sure to uninstall it prior to the trial expiring so that you aren't charged.

In regards to your last request, what kind of app are you looking for specifically? Are you looking for an app that will backup your store content on a regular basis? Please feel free to further elaborate and I'll be happy to make a few suggestions. 


I look forward to hearing from you!

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Julie!
Thank you so much for this answer. I tried to reply using the forum but for
some reason it doesn't work. Yes, I am looking for an app that will backup
my store content on a regular basis. I was reading about REWIND
Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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No problem!


Rewind is a great option. It's pretty popular and has some excellent reviews. Other than this app, you could also take a look at Backup and Automatic Backups. Both of these apps also have some great reviews, although they aren't quite as popular as Rewind. Regardless, it looks like these apps have pretty similar features as well as access to the developers for support. Each app page also has a breakdown of their plan and pricing structure, so you can compare the features and see which one would suit your needs the best. 


Let me know if you have any further questions.

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I like Smile the best of all I've tried, but it might be more expensive than you'd like (it's $50/mo. There's also a limited free version, I haven't tried the free version only paid but it seems like it would be a good start).


I found the reward program apps I've tried (including Smile) to be more time consuming than I anticipated... I ended up switching focus to referral marketing instead, but I've seen some stores do really well with Loyalty programs, you just need to invest energy and test / change your tier rewards and points to find a good balance for both you and the customer.


My go-to reviews app is Judge Me. It's full featured, has design options (and image uploads), and loads fast. Same deal there, I've only used the Pro version but there is a free version. I nominated it best Shopify reviews app on my blog here if you want some previews: https://speedboostr.com/best-reviews-app-for-shopify/


Rewind is a great app, I use it and recommend. If you're doing low order volume it's free 👍


Those 3 apps are all part of my curated list of Best Shopify Apps, if want more ideas check it out here: https://speedboostr.com/best-shopify-apps/


I've been working on Shopify stores for years, and over time developed my favorite apps and share them there. I also constantly test new apps, always trying to find those golden nuggets that save time, generate sales, and help traffic.




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Hi there,


As per your concern, we have Loyalty & Rewards program included in our all-in-one marketing platform, where you can find reviews app with photos as well.


Reviews can be installed for Free, which also includes Wishlist and Social Login if you perhaps need it.


As for the Loyalty & Rewards program, you may apply for the Startup package if you have a new store.


Hope it helps


P.S. If there will be any concerns regarding the functionality needed, you can always get in touch with our customer support to get answers

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users and increase conversions with ease here.
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Thank SO MUCH for taking your time in answering my questions. I also read
your blog and soon I will implement your ideas. THANK YOU AGAIN for your

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you can try our Loyalty app
its free to install with all the features.

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Hey there, if you are still looking for a great loyalty program app, you should give Glow a try.


We offer a free plan for stores just like yours!


Glow has a loyalty program and also has a built in referral program so your customers can earn points by referring their friends.


You can check it out here:




Founder || Glow Loyalty || https://www.glowloyalty.com
Founder || PayWhirl Recurring Payments || https://app.paywhirl.com
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If you're still looking for a loyalty program, please take a look at our recently published Customer Loyalty Accelerator.  You'll find the application at https://apps.shopify.com/encorecla in the Shopify App Store.  Based on our experience with merchants using Clover POS, offering a cash reward to your customers is a great incentive for repeat sales & increased revenue.  You'll find additional information about our program at https://customerloyaltyaccelerator.com/ 





CTO, Encore Incentives

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Hi @Oma . I don't know if you found what you're looking for, but just in case you're still searching, we recently launched Gameball; a gamified loyalty app that was featured in Staff Picks last month.

It does exactly what you're looking for and much more. The best part is, our free plan is too good too. 🙂 Here's a glimpse of how it looks like:

App link: https://apps.shopify.com/gameball


CEO @ Gameball: Badges and Rewards
Looking for loyalty advice?
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Hey @Oma 

You can install AiTrillion.com  It's best for the loyalty and reward program. It's an all in one Shopify app and is fully integrated. Its loyalty program is integrated with reviews, email, web push notifications, POS. Plus you don't need to install multiple apps. It has reviews, web push notifications, chatbot, announcement bar, smart pop-ups. Also, it has a referral program with integration. You can contact the support, they provide a free setup. It has many other features. You don't need to install multiple apps. It has a free plan. You can check it out. I am sure you will find this app useful.


Here is the Shopify app store link-  https://apps.shopify.com/aitrillion   

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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Hi @Oma, I opened my store a while ago, but i remember the beginning were everything wasn't clear. For loyalty program I choose Rise and I couldn't be happier! I have great results in my store. totally recommend it for your store.

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Hi all, I'm Neomi from Rise.ai app,

We specialized in Gift Card & Loyalty store credit solutions

Nowadays most shoppers want to buy from a brand they feel a connection to. Our goal at Rise.ai is to make any customer a part of your brand by using loyalty cards. To do so, we’ve created automated loyalty flows - you can use one of our pre-made ones or you can create one on your own. It only takes 5 minutes to implement in your store and has an amazing sleek experience.

With Rise.ai’s rewards program you can:

  • Reward your customers for spending in your store with store credit.
  • Reward your customers for referring new people to your brand.
  • Reward your clients based on VIP tiers.


We also have a gift card program, refunds and returns in store credit and active re-engadgment campaigns. for example, you can remind your customers that they have Store Credit/gift cards left and get them to go back to your store to use it.

checkout our listing page and feel free to contact me at info@rise.ai