Managing embedded app user session lost

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Hi, I'm new to this forum please excuse me if this has been asked before.


I've an embedded app that after like 24 hrs of having it opened, session token expires and the app needs to be reopened.

I'm curious if this is the normal behavior (as I suspect) or if there's a workaround to make the user refresh the token without even noticing it, I have tried but without the session token I don't have any store info at that point (I already migrated to cookie-less auth).

My current UX is just to show a message that the app session expired and it needs to be reopened, providing a direct link to the Apps section of the user's store. I wonder if it can be any better.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Dan,

Are you using the latest version of Shopify App Bridge? Take a look at this doc in the section "Conversion pattern steps" step #3. It says to make a timed event to refresh session tokens, that sounds about right for cookie-less auth and Shopify embedded apps.


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Hi, what is the expected behavior right now? the (documentation) linked page cannot be found anymore.. what is the correct handling when online access token has expired (after 25h)?

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I and my customer are also experiencing this problem too. 

There seems to be no good documentation or anything regarding this.

And this community is so bad to be able to answer anything except selling their own apps 😄