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We have been on the Shopify App Store for over 2 years now and have been proud of the way we have served our customers and the 240+ customer reviews we have got here.

In the recent times, we have integrated with some of the best apps on Shopify and it can't be a better time to introduce us to the community.

Some of the most loved features on our mobile app are:

  • Flexible App Layouts
  • Abandoned Cart Push Notifications
  • AI Powered Product Recommendations
  • Flash Sale Banners
  • Smart and Advanced Product
  • Multi-Currency

These are just a few to name. We have a comprehensive list here.

You can sign-up for a 14-day Free Trial.

During the trial, our mobile app evangelists will build your preview app and also help you drive new revenue through it, using the most effective marketing strategies.

Highest rated mobile app builder on Shopify store. Check out
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5 Secrets To Improve Mobile App Performance

What Is Mobile App Performance?
Performance is one of the factors of a mobile app that explain its quality. Performance is measured by the behavior of the mobile application upon experiencing a certain load.

1- Ensure effective caching for better performance:

Caching is a great way that is applied by mobile app development organizations. It helps to boost application performance.

2- Compressing and resizing images:

Most mobile app development organizations use compressing and resizing image technology. When the image is compressed, it reduces the size of the image in bytes. Also, it ensures that the image quality is not degraded.

3- Reuse data templates:

Mobile app developers need to be aware of the fact that if the app has to load multiple templates, it slows down. The mobile app development process allows fewer templates to be reloaded. This helps to increase the performance of the application.

4- Increase the usability of your app across the network

Mobile app development companies should increase the usability of the app across the network. This equally improves the performance of the mobile application while the user accesses it.

5- Effective API design

The mobile app developer needs to be aware of the fact that the way an API is designed has a huge impact on the performance of the app. Improper or lazy designed APIs burden mobile applications. Because of APIs stress network boundaries.

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