Move Geolocation Currency Selector to Top of Website

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Hello, my client is using the Geolocation app on their website using a customized Prestige theme. Geolocation comes with a currency selector at the footer. We would like to move it to the top of the website if at all possible. I noticed the selector itself is wrapped in a <div> that has no ID or class name. Is there any way to edit the app codes so we can add an ID or class name to this <div> so we can move it using CSS?

I tried reaching out to support but they just directed me to contact the theme (which has nothing to do with the app) or advised me not to make the change.

If anyone has any experience with changing the Geolocation currency selector outside of its default footer position, would love to know how you did it. Thank you!

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I'm in the same boat. I'll update if I find anything.