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Need an app with write in variant capabilities

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Designing a store for cabinet doors.  Each door can be custom ordered in varying heights & widths.  For each height range, there is an additional cost. Same for width.  I need an app where a customer can write in their desired size (height and width) and it will calculate the additional cost as it relates to the range in which it falls in. 

Does such an app exist?  Thank you!

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While I am not sure of app but this is something you may want to consider getting custom made, here are some example of calculator added on shopify store


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Hi @ShannonChap,

I think a Product Options app is what you need. it helps you to add more options to the current product variant, like a personal note, custom requirements and you can set up additional price for each option.

There are a few good apps I want to recommend:

- Infinite product options by Hulk App

- Product Customizer

- Product Personalizer

These apps also work well with page builders like PageFly in case you want to create a customized and high-converting product page rather than simple theme pages.

Hope you find this helpful.



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