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Need Discounts that combine % off + Free shipping, as well as bundles

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I've been searching for days and can't seem to find one app that will allow me to do the following:

Have a bundled product automatically apply a discount and/or

Always have a freeshipping discount automatically apply at a certain $ amount and/or

Allow a discount code to be entered that will simply apply a % discount and freshipping no matter what the total cart value is. HELP!! 

We are a new company, and quit disappointed that shopify force limits only one discount code or automatic rule to be applied at any given time. It's creating an enormous hassle for our business model already.


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By this you mean you want to apply all three discounts at the same time, need to check for it, I am not sure.

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Best app we could find was Ultimate Special Offers, but we had to code in the free shipping at a value.  Not sure it will do what you want but worth a look.

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App Selly can help you to offer multiple automatic discounts.

There is an option to enable discount box in cart, so customers can apply additional discount code together with other Selly automatic discounts.

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