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with our new app - we want to put more focus on reselling our service/product through the Shopify App Store market, using the billing API (+ making good use of OAuth 2.0). We want to deliver value as fast as possible, rather than all at once. Once the app passes the approval process, we want to add more features that would potentially read and write store data and extend new features inside the Shopify admin (but not at the beginning).

Does that make sense? Does Shopify allow partners to "resell 3rd party apps/services" through the App Store; apps that don't extend new features inside the Shopify admin and/or utilize the merchant/shoppers data? 


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Hi @LiveChatInc 

I'm not really sure what your new app is supposed to do, if you are trying to just use the Shopify App Store as a new advertising channel, it probably won't be approved. On top of that, if you are trying to get an app approved that you will then dramatically change, it will probably get taken down. Try and come up with a viable product that will meet the approval requirements before submitting it.

Here is a checklist for getting your app approved.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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