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[New App] PriceWaiter - Name Your Price

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Hey all,

I'm very pleased to announce our service has launched a new Shopify App.

PriceWaiter places a "Name Your Price" button on your product pages near the Add to Cart button. The point of allowing customers to name their price is not simply to sell for less. Retailers have the opportunity to engage with buyers that would otherwise leave without purchasing. Offering a personalized pricing option helps to convert comparison shoppers that would otherwise look for a better price somewhere else. PriceWaiter can also help retailers sell products at a price lower than the manufacturer's Minimum Advertised Pricing rules. 

See PriceWaiter in the Shopify App Store.

Retailers that use PriceWaiter will often see a 20% percent boost in overall Shop conversions, without cannibalizing their traditional Add to Cart sales. You can expect 25 - 30% of incoming offers thru PriceWaiter will convert to purchases.

Here is a screenshot of the widget that buyers see when they interact on your Shop's product page:

PriceWaiter Name Your Price Window

And the choices you have as a retailer when responding (accept, counter, reject) to offers:

PriceWaiter accept options

As the developer who build our Shopify integration, I'd love to hear your feedback on our service or the app!


Mike Estes,

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Hi dear I recommend you a useful name your own price app that give a free hand to customers to add thinking price rather than displaying the different percentage discount amount and fixed prices.  You can set a minimum and maximum amount a customer can pay for a product. Shopify name your price app is fully responsive with all small devices. 




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