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New email newsletter subscribers harvested from Tidio not getting confirmation email

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I am using Tidio live chat app and have the "Sign Up for Our Newsletter" enabled for getting new leads/ customers.

Whenever a new customer enters their email address, they are automatically added to our list of subscribers which means this function works.

I also have the Confirmation Email setup in Shopify, so whenever a new subscriber enters their email in our "Subscribe to our newsletter" field, they get a confirmation email in their inbox, which we customized to display our 10% voucher for new customers to use. 

My question is - why is this confirmation email not being received by new subscribers who entered their emails through Tidio?

It should be that Shopify reads them as new subscribers and therefore should send the confirmation email to them as well.

I have talked with a Tidio rep, and they said the issue lies with Shopify and not them, as they said as long as emails from Tidio are being sent to Shopify then everything works on their end.

Tidio has an email marketing integration which we haven't explored yet and it seems this issue will be resolved through there. I just would like to see if there is a possibility to resolve it through Shopify without having to enable the email marketing from Tidio.


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Hi @angelahayward!

It appears that the Tidio live chat app is bypassing the double opt-in setting that you've configured in Shopify. If you wish to continue using Tidio to collect subscriber emails, and you want to offer double opt-in for your customers, then it might be best to use Tidio's email marketing solution instead.

I found a note in Shopify's manual that may help to provide some more insight:

If you enable double opt-in in your Shopify store and use a subscription app, then you need to update the double opt-in settings in the app. If the app doesn’t have a double opt-in option, then any customer who sign up are marked as a subscriber in your Customers section.

There might be an option within Tidio to ensure that their "Survey fields" work properly in conjunction with Shopify's double opt-in, but that is something you'd need to work out with Tidio directly. 

Hopefully this helps!

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Hi Kyle,

Your explanation makes sense. It looks like we may have to setup an email marketing campaign within Tidio instead. I am not just liking the From aliases they have set up which reads: "". It looks so external which the customer might find spammy. 😞 And it seems we can't customize it to look like our own email address either.


The reason why we have the double opt-in enabled on our Shopify store is that we wanted to have the capability of sending an automated email with a discount code to our new subscribers. It seems this is the quickest and easiest way to go without having to install another app which is mostly paid anyways.