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Today one of my customer goes to write review about our application FLITS but here's image he sends me that he is not able to write review


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As Per client's sentence this alert appears on write review popup. (The store is on Advance shopify plan)
I feel like it says client's cannot write review after 45 days.
Anybody faces the similar problems? 
Any Suggestions would be great.
Thank you.

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@sravans here is the most up to date status one of the community members got from Shopify team. Check if any of these would match your case:

  • If a merchant has selected a plan but still has trial days left, they will not be able to leave a review until all trial days have been depleted and the merchant has paid for an invoice.
  • If a merchant uninstalls an app, they still have 45 days to leave a review before the privilege is revoked.
  • If a merchant has an unpaid outstanding invoice on their store they will not be able to leave an app review.
  • The merchant cannot have any outstanding invoices on their store
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Thanks @Visely-Team. I checked all except unpaid invoices. Do we have some documentation around this rule? 

By unpaid invoices, you mean the invoice payment is overdue? Otherwise if the invoice that still is under due date shouldn't be an issue.

I do not know if the merchant has unpaid invoices, but they are an old store. I frankly hesitant to ask this to them, specially when its for my review purpose.

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Based on our client's feedback, what they are seeing right now as a message after trying to leave a review is this:

You can’t review this app. You can only review apps that you’ve had installed within the past 45 days and you must be on a paid Shopify plan.


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