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Today one of my customer goes to write review about our application FLITS but here's image he sends me that he is not able to write review


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As Per client's sentence this alert appears on write review popup. (The store is on Advance shopify plan)
I feel like it says client's cannot write review after 45 days.
Anybody faces the similar problems? 
Any Suggestions would be great.
Thank you.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi again, @edwardupton and @milindpatel!


Thank you for the feedback, @edwardupton! I do agree that having this requirements written in a doc will be beneficial for other partners as well. I will be sure to send your feedback to our team.


To answer your question, @milindpatel. I have reached out to our Partners team, and they have confirmed that app reviews can only be submitted by store's staffs. This means, you won't be able to leave reviews from a collaborator or developer account. That being said, I am also going to add this to my note to our team as well so that app review requirements are listed in details.


If you have further questions, feel free to follow back up and I'll be happy to take a look. 



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The merchant has interacted with the app within 45 days.

What exactly does this mean? Is it enough for the app to have been installed for more than 45 days? Or does interact mean the shop must have logged into the app or some other action that goes through Shopify auth?

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@Ricardo_Amorim, these are 45 days since installation, I doubt there are ways to actually measure the level of “interaction”.
Sergiu Svinarciuc | CTO @
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My understanding is 45 days since last oauth login, and the access was renewed - that's what an 'interaction' is
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Hello @May

How can we define what "interaction" means here?


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@May  +1 for the definition of "interacting"

Stuart @ Booster Apps (
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Hi @May ,

I've a paid plan and I'm not a developer but still I couldn't review any apps I installed ( installed & using the apps for more than 30 days). Please help

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I wanted to write a review about an app which has the worst support I have ever come across, a shame because their products and prices are good, but their support is just terrible to non-existant. 

I too got the message that I cannot write a review - this is very ambiguous - I installed the app a few days ago and immediately imported 50 items from them into my shopify store (NONE of which imported correctly) so do I have to wait 45 days or do I have to "interact" within 45 days - presumably importing 50 items into my store must count as "interacting"?  I have tried every method of complaining to them both from there site (I got a message after submitting a Ticket basically saying I am not allowed to submit a ticket), I also used the "get Support" on shopify App page to send complaints but still no replies. 

Please explain how I can tell others just how bad their support appears to be, by writing a review. Thanks. 




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Hi May I have the same issue. 
I have a client that installed us 22 days ago and have interact with us within 45 days. they are basic user of Shopify and also they wanted to write a nice review for us but they send us an screenshot that they can not do that. 
could you help us what should we do? I worried about other clients maybe have the same issue these days.

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@Bestpush Any luck post that? we are now facing the same problem although we meet all the criteria. Now worried if this will be the case for future reviews too.

@Luna Would you please help forward this issue to Shopify Partners team? There are still more occurrences of this problem. I'm sure if the team picks just one or two of our cases, they will be able to unfold a bug.