OpenID Connect - OAuth 2.0 - Unable to authenticate app

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Hi all,

I am aiming to authenticate with Shopify using Owin OpenIDConnect (which uses OAuth 2.0, currently supported by Shopify).

I have tried a couple of ways - Both via a private app and through a custom app on the partner program. If I build my endpoint url for log in - It works if I go direct in a browser, however, through the Owin middleware I receive the below error and I'm just looking for guidance if anyone has come across this before or successfully authenticated their apps using C# via user log in, and wouldn't mind sharing some code.

Error reads: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: . Path '', line 0, position 0.


Thanks in advance,


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Hey @ScottStevens_GM any luck? I too am trying to connect via OpenID Connect 

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I wasn't able to make the authentication work the way I wanted.

If I remember right, I can use the middleware to log in as an administrator of the shop, but not as a customer / partner - So I couldn't create my 'Portal' outside of Shopify