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orders/create Webhook triggered multiple times in C# API.

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Hi All,

Thanks for reaching out with this query!

 I developed a private application that is used for data marshaling between an ERP and Shopify API (Admin) for a store. Recently I have implemented the Webhook to get the real-time notification for order placing in the store. I installed the webhook via API and it starts working. So far great.

When the orders start placing on the Shopify store, I observed that the Order/Create Webhook hit multiple times for the same order with a fraction of seconds. Usually, 4-5 time hit for each order, Below is the code sample used as an endpoint,

public ActionResult OrderCreation([FromBody] WebhookOrderResponseDto response)
string orderData = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(response, Formatting.Indented,
new JsonSerializerSettings { NullValueHandling = NullValueHandling.Ignore });


return Ok();


All methods between the first statement of the method to return are async, so that no wait required to send OK (200) back to Shopify. But still this method is hit multiple times.

Any help, or issue in my current code.

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Shopify will send multiple webhooks for a single event. You can identify it using X-Shopify-Webhook-Id. What you can do is, store the webhook-id in DB or Redis and check that before you process that webhook.