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OTP login as an alternate of username/password based login

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Hi, I want to create a plugin where we will let the user to login to Storefront via an OTP.

The idea is when the user click forgot password, we are gonna provide an additional UI to let the user choose one of their stored phone numbers (we will fetch those phone numbers by their email address). After the user chooses a phone number we will send them an SMS containing a 6 digit authentication code. We will show the user an input field to accept that authentication code. After the successful validation of the authenticated code, we will programmatically let users logged in to the website.

It's can be thought of as an alternative to username/password authentication with one exception. This will work for only one time for each 6 digit authentication code.

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Heyy.. I also want my customer to login with an otp on their phone number rather than username/password.. did you find any solution for this?

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Hey ,

Anyone found solution to this?

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I want to create a facility wherein it would be necessary for people to enter a mobile number when registering a shopify account 

Additionally the mobile number needs to be verified via OTP authentication and same could be used for LOGIN instead of user name and password.



How do I do this. Please help

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Hello there,

Login with OTP over mobile number is possible via miniOrange 2fa ‑ OTP Login Application . You can allow customers to Login / Signup with Mobile number . Also, you can allow customers to enable two -factor authentication and allow them to login with the combination of username-password and two factor (OTP over email/SMS , Google Authenticator, Push Notification , Security Questions , etc. ) Checkout more information about their application here