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Our localization/geolocation app was approved!

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Hi Everyone, Our App was approved today. The process was fairly quick and clean. 
I especially appreciate the screencast videos they provide for bugs they find. I also like that you end up communicating with a QA after


The App is in constant development and there are some HUGE features coming out soon:


The App allows you to create zones out of countries.

Then with each zone you can set up the following configuration:

  • Select a currency for the visitor
  • Hide the currency selector so the user doesn't change it
  • Allow for smart detection of user-preferred currency. If user chooses a currency manually, allow them to keep it.
  • Select which products a user sees
  • Select which page a user sees
  • Block visitors (blocked visitors don't use quota)
  • Multi-Store redirection
  • Display region-specific phone numbers and email addresses 
  • Reorganize content on the page to mask nasty localization effects
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HI! Can your app help with redirecting regional users to see only specific content/pages?

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Hi Loram,

Absolutely. That is among the numerous features that our app has. And it's very simple to configure 🙂
If you need any help, just click the "Help Me" button in the interface.

We respond quickly.