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Product customizer (Filter existing products) help

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I'm looking to create product customizer (example), but it unlike the example, rather then adding values and configurating the product, the configurator would basically filter thru the existing products and find the product with selected values.




 [X] Bracelets,  [] Necklaces,  [] Earrings



[] Red,  [] Green,  [x] Yellow



[] Heart,  [x] Star,  [] Keylock


The end result would be a yellow bracelet with a star, it should find the product by it's tags and show the product image and change add to cart so it's buyable.

All of that should be on a "customizer" product page.

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Hello Valentino, 

I believe you could build this kind of experience using MyCustomizer. You can try our our app for free by adding it on on the Shopify App Store

Basically you would use our Rules features to create the logic/filters you are looking for.

For example, here are some rules you would create : 

When Product Type is Bracelets, (All Necklaces) should be unavailable.
When Product Type is Bracelets, (All Earrings) should be unavailable.
When Color is Yellow, (Red products) should be unavailable.
When symbol is Star, (Keylock products) should be unavailable.


For each individual product you could set a price, a production code and upload images.

Hope this helps! Feel free to book a meeting with someone from our team if you would like to learn more.