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Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to Shopify and I'm hoping someone can help me with a very specific requirement in my buying process. I want to emulate the process that is used in  Please go to that site, click on one of the products and follow the process for both "Non Prescription" and "Prescription" you will see that they are using conditional logic, but it seems more advanced than the apps I have seen so far. When you choose "Prescription" also make sure you look through each of the 4 options. Is there an app that can do something similar? It doesn't have to be exactly the same, but close to it. Can any apps be customised to do it? I look forward to a few replies 🙂

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Hi @mark_White,

Welcome to Shopify, and the forums!

There are several apps for Shopify that will allow you to create product options with conditional logic. Here's a couple that I'd suggest looking into:

You may not be able to create the exact same user experience as the site you referenced, but you can get pretty close! Most apps will also allow you to customize the look and feel on the storefront either via settings or additional code. 

Hopefully this helps!

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