Questions about the Constant Contact app/integration

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Our museum uses both Shopify for our online store, and Constant Contact for email communications, so I am interested in the integration that connects the two platforms, but I have a few questions and was hoping the community could help answer them. 

1) Do the tags assigned to customers in Shopify migrate over to Constant Contact? For example, if we tagged a Customer as a member, would we be able to see that information in Shopify?

2) Do only the contacts that have selected "Accepts Marketing" in Shopify migrated into Shopify?

3) If you make a change to a profile in Constant Contact, does it change anything in Shopify? 

4) Is there a way if someone purchases a specific product that they are automatically added to a specific list (example: if someone purchases one of our memberships, can they automatically be added to our Membership Newsletter mailing list)?

Or are there any Shopify apps that would assist with any of these? 

Thank you!

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