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refer to Spocket app

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refer to Spocket app which i (Uninstalled it before a couple of days , wht the bill untill now is cover all this month ? I confirm that I previously canceled the service of this application, please cancel the fees related to it
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Hi @newteq, this is Larry from the team at Spocket here!

I’m sorry to hear that you have been having issues with the platform. The best way to resolve the issues you are facing is to reach out to our support team so that they can better assess the situation as well as walk you through solving your roadblocks. Please send an email to so we can get everything sorted for you! Our support team works 24/7, so you’ll be able to reach an attendant shortly after you send your email out! Hope this helps.

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OMG, I am going through the same with Spocket. I signed up for a free trial and then deleted their App in a few hours and surprised, was charged $19.00 on my credit card.
I am still trying to get my money return; they want you to sign into an app and use an account that you never knew you had.
I tried other Drop Ship App and never had this problem. Shopify should ban them from its platform.
$19.00 is not a lot of money, but it’s the principal, and honesty that matters and counts.
I have given them one last chance to return my money or I will write to the Vancouver Attorneys General office for them to investigate Spocket.
There are too many of the same complaint here and it looks like Shopify don't give a dam.


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Hi @daphneys ! Sorry to hear about your experience! We understand your concern and we agree that honesty and integrity is what counts. The reason you were charged could be because the trial may not have been cancelled from within your Spocket dashboard. There are instances where in uninstalling the app from Shopify would not automatically cancel the trial (On Spocket) if you signed up with direct billing instead of via Shopify Billing. As you may know, Spocket is also available on other platforms and billing could vary depending on how you signed up. Here is an article about how to cancel your subscription:

If you need any help regarding changes to your account, or if you want a re-evaluation of your request, you may reach out to and we'll gladly assist you!

Our apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused. Thank you for your understanding!