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Hey Friends,


First, I would like to welcome myself to this community haha! looking forward taking my website to its highest levels!

I need a little help from you experts Shopify-experts!

Is there any app wherein customers will be able to leave a review and stars, but NOTHING would show on the website not even the stars.

I would like to see the feedback our products would get first before allowing all the reviews.

I know some apps can allow you to first read and approve the reviews, but I also saw that the star rating on the other hand is available.

Thank you!

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Hi @itsSelman,

You can use review apps like Ali Reviews to customize and manage all your reviews as well as set up how display on your store (visual, effect, structure of reviews display). As the result, you will gain trust and increase conversion rate, which are the most important factors help you to skyrocket your profit. You also can check and make the decisions with reviews to make sure reviews meet enough criteria to publish it on stores. Besides, it has much features like review imports without restrictions (main function), reviews pop-up with pre-set data which can show "pop-up" notification that someone review from your store and create a testimonial page. You can also customize or design review display matching your store's concept and keep in touch with customers via customer service features via email.

Now, it's providing your 14-trial-days for experience all functions of any pricing plans. And the pricing plan of Ali Reviews  is affordable with newbie only from $9.90. If you have any questions, feel free to send me any question bellow this discussion.

Check blog for have overview about key functions of our app: 

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