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Hi, I just saw the notice about Sellify. just a couple of notes.
1. I understand the need to penalize the developer, but removing all apps seems severe as the ones that are affected are us, the users, and not all apps were involved in the review fiasco. 
2. regarding UCD; there is not a single recommendation on the list that has side cart functionality, just cart upsells. 
3. UCD is so far the best and most customizable side cart app, already tried two apps and they are the vanilla type with no scripting or styling on top of the basic app (if anyone knows a good one where I can customize 100% the cart, let me know). 
4. giving only 8 business days to change something as important to conversion like the cart, on themes heavily customized to work around these apps, seems extremely short, not to mention the cost we now need to assume. 
5. developing a brand new drawer cart from scratch with the functionality of these apps is highly unrealistic in such amount of time. 

I would like to know if it is possible to extend the ban on apps not involved in the review issue, so we can figure out and do a correct assessment either inhouse or third party, or if anyone know a good app that would let me edit the html/css of the side cart appearance itself and not just presets. 


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@ampman it is on the main announcement close after the first paragraph there is an update. 

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@ampman  I received it in an email from Shopify.

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ULTIMATE Cart Drawer team has just sent me an email saying that they have got the alternate solution ready. If you are interested, here's the email content:

Not to mention that Shopify could have handled it better. They are not a small company and should do what is best for developers and merchants but they behaved like some teenager. And what is this obsession of not replying and banning people from using the platform(including community forum). *dictatorship*

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Shopify is the most valuable company in Canada

This was bad decision making with no oversight

Let's hope they put in place policies so it doesn't happen again