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Shopify free fraud filter app: everyone should use this!

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Just got to say, I think this app is amazing and should be looked at by most all merchants who ship products. Based on the negative reviews, i can only assume it's from people who weren't using it correctly - or new features have been added since this summer.


We've had people who have placed orders under email1, name1 who have then claimed their order wasn't delivered to receive a replacement order sent.

A month or so later, they would order again, this time under email2, name2 and do the same thing over again - but using the same shipping address.

4 times this happened with this 1 person.

This app, lets you create simple rules to either automatically cancel or warn on specific billing or shipping addresses

I also created a warning rule based on the shipping zip code

By default, the app populates billing address for filters, I've been making sure to change this to shipping since the billing address can vary - especially with prepaid credit cards etc but the crooks want the destination to remain the same. (yes, I know - they can place their next order to their friend's house around the corner, but they will eventually run out of addresses to ship to)



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Agreed, the app is a basic line of defense against the lowest sophisticated fraud.

However, just because an order's shipping address and billing address aren't matching doesn't necessarily mean it's fraud.

Buying a gift for a friend or relative with a different last name can lead to incorrect flagging of fraud. Even worse, it leads to lost sales and hurts your brand for other legitimate customers.

Without more customer verification, determining if an order is legitimate or not becomes a guessing game. Guess correctly and you win the order, mess up and you get hit with a chargeback.

That's why I created Real ID.

The app sends secure links to your customers to take a photo of their passport or driver's license, and an optional headshot.

The app uses machine learning to determine if the image has been tampered with or the license isn't valid.

Then you'll be able to fulfill with confidence knowing that the customer is legitimate.

You can download it on the Shopify app store now:

Happy to answer any questions about the benefits of ID verification on high risk or suspicious orders.


Founder of Verdict - Anti-Fraud Apps for Shopify
  • Blockade - Easily block countries, IP addresses, VPNs
  • Real ID - Verify your customer's real IDs easily & securely
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You should also take a look at Bad Customer. It looks at how often a customer has charged back orders on other sites. One of the features is that it can analyze by ship-to address, so even if the customer uses throw-away email addresses or stolen cards with different billing addresses, it will still identify them based on where they're trying to ship their stuff to and can tag the order if suspicious.