Shopify is not showing variant images after Oberlo import

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I found a product on Aliexpress and add imported it into the Oberlo Manage Products section

Everything is good and there are 54 Variants, I check these and each one has an associated image.

Then i say Push to Shop and I get a successfull message

But when I look at the product in Shopify none of the images have been impoted or avaliable for me to select

Can anyone assist with this please

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Hey Jason,

This is Oswald, a Guru here at Shopify!

I took a peek at your store and I do see that a product was successfully created with the 54 variants and each variant image has been associated correctly. It's possible that there might have been a delay when creating all of the variants and downloading the images as the product seem to be appearing correctly on your site with all of the images at the moment.

If you are still having issues feel free to contact our support team via phone or live chat ( We are 24x7 ready to assist!

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to the Guru team. :)


Oswald | Shopify Guru

Oswald | Shopify 
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Hi Oswald

Thanks for your response. I see that the images are all there now.


The uploading of images to the shopify store, taking a long time, does sound like a vlaid reason based on the fact that i left my desk and returned this morning to see everything was present and accounted for.

Thank you for the assistance



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Nevermind, I figured out my issue (since I can't delete my post here, this is my response). ;)

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Hey I realized you solved the problem, can you help me? I'm having the exact same problem

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Also, same thing is happening to me. I can see all the images under Oberlo's Import List, when I click on Import to Store, it takes a few seconds and then marks the item as complete. Checking the product in Shopify reveals that the product has been imported but none of the images have been. If I check Oberlo's My Product page, I can see the product there without the images also. What is going on?

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Oh I see, the images have now appeared. I was confused by the earlier post as I thought that was related to the importing progress bar taking a long time.


Just for anyone else curious, the importing to Shopify store completes very quickly but the images do not show up. There is no indication that anything else is going on. But give it some time and the images will eventually show up in both shopify and Oberlo's My Products page.

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I am having this issue right now. I have waited about 10 minutes to see if its taking a long time and nothing is happening. Can you please help,



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I'm having the same problem.  I import the product and select the images I want, but the images do not import into my Shopify store.  I'm having to go to AliExpress and take screenshots or download the images from the vendor.  I've tried using multiple browsers, but it still does not work. Please help!

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I'm facing the same problem and waiting for appearing these images.

Beside this problem, I have got another problem which is the product has not been put in the chosen collection on shopify.