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Should I use Google Channel app for existing store with existing Google Ads

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I have a client with a running Shopify store, and they are running all sorts of Google Ads driving traffic to the store. They have hired me to implement the remarketing/tracking end of things. I know I can just add some code snippets to the store's theme, but I just discovered the new Google Channel app for Shopify. From what I can tell, you can link this app to your product feed (Google Merchant Center) and then the app itself takes care of everything that would be achieved by manually doing the code snippets to the theme's code. It also looks like it makes it easier to manage ads from within Shopify (rather than going to to do so) and possibly lists your products on, which you do not get automatically with the code snippet way.

I'm wondering if this is a can of worms I want to open? It seems like a great idea for a new store with no ads, but as I mentioned this is an existing store with many ads. With a working product feed and very carefully-planned ad campaigns in place, am I better off just implementing the code snippets into the the theme and not using this app at all?

If anyone with experience or knowledge about doing it both ways cared to impart some wisdom,I'd be most appreciative.

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As far as I know, it will not add the remarketing code. It will setup conversion tracking. So the remarketing is something you need to do yourself.

The default app is limited hence why its free. I use paid tools that has more functionality to achieve goals.

This app is great if your client only has a handful of products and is not very serious about advertising.

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