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I am working on building a theme for my client. The store has lots of discount codes across different products which are applicable to all the customers unconditionally. The requirement here is to show the discount codes applicable for a specific product on the product page, or atleast in a seperate offers page. 

Is there any way to get the applicable discount codes for a products within the theme?



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Thanks Nick, 

Hopefully with the deployment of 2.0 we will see increased focus on value add for consumers. 



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I cant believe that there is no app for this simple yet very powerful feature. On Shopify app store , there are literally thousands of apps for similar kind of features, yet there is no app for this kind of function . Below is another non Shopify store with this feature , Its in another language but , you can understand the feature. It shows how much the final price will be at the checkout (green price) .It says %25 off for purchases over $300. and since the product qualify for the discount , it shows the price in green.


This feature make customer feel like they score a nice additional discount and encourage them to complete the purchase. Of course you can directly apply the discount but it wouldn't give the excitement of scoring a deal.

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I dont find this on the product page to delet!?PHOTO-2021-11-12-19-17-18.jpg

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We may need to show one discount for a one-time use coupon and another discount for a coupon associated with an advertisement. Maybe we're running a different sale. These should all be able to be used at the same time by different visitors, so the announcement bar isn't solving this as far as I can tell.

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Do you have the code for this?